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Steve Morton

Owner & Restoration Specialist

Steve's Testimonal

My interest in cars started as far back as I can remember and like most similar minded young men of the time the mechanical skills started when working under the bonnet of the family car with my father. Clearly these early days of car repair were well before the modern times of connecting a computer to the car to establish what was wrong with it. A time of real cars to have fun owning and fixing them. From then on a hobby developed, maintaining my own cars and restoring cars with each car providing new challenges to hone the skills. In those early days of restoration as a young enthusiast I was forever raising the standards of my workmanship. Despite the great feeling of satisfaction I was always striving for improvement over the last project completed with the attitude and continued excitement that " the next restoration project will look even better ". 

I have always been keen to learn and apply traditional methods of vehicle restoration and always full of admiration for the craftsman that have gone before us. During my time restoring cars I was fortunate to have spent a period of invaluable time with one of these long serving craftsman before he finally hung up his tools. I'm a strong believer that the quickest way isn't necessarily the right way if you want to be proud of your work. Patience and dedication are key to a job well done. Despite being an advocate for tradition, where it is appropriate, I am also happy to incorporate modern technology and materials in order to balance new and old ways and ultimately ensure the best possible result is achieved . Over the years these skills have naturally developed and improved, however I still find time to learn something new.  With classic car ownership comes the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts with like minded enthusiasts which is something I really enjoy. There is a wealth of information out there at every level. 

I have always had a meticulous attention to detail and quality of the final product or service is something I pride myself on. These standards are always applied to every customers requirements irrespective of the size of the works required or the project that needs restoring.  

My wife Trish has also been a keen follower of Classic Cars. Her 1969 MGB Roadster called Arthur is used as her daily driver in all weathers and all seasons.  With her own interest in classic cars she has certainly developed her eye for detail.  If there was anything that didn't look 100% she would certainly keep me focused and offers no compromise. Like every good man, she is all the strength I could wish for and always happy to assist clients when asked with choices in finished body and trim colours. 

In summary Mortons Classic Cars is a family run business offering a wide range of classic car restoration services from like minded enthusiasts to clients that require quality with a personal and interactive approach all delivered at competitive rates.  - Steve Morton